This is a list of beers we have brewed, not beers we always have available
Palate Fucker
Imperial IPA that will fuck your palate! HUGE hop bill, with simcoe, citra and amarillo. Citrus, zest and floral notes with a crisp bitter punch. 155 IBU 7.7% ABV 

Barrel Aged Driftwood

Thick and dark Imperial Stout aged on straight kentucky bourbon oak spirals with vanilla beans, bitter chocolate and coffee added. 75 IBU 12% ABV

Caramel Apple Ale
Malty and sweet ale brewed with local apple cider and fermented on fresh Macintosh apples with cinnamon sticks and brown sugar added. This ale has a huge bill of caramel malts. 21 IBU 8.4% ABV

Tree Hugger

Malted up pale ale aged on oak chips with a six hop variety and maple syrup added during bottling. 72 IBU 8% ABV (RETIRED)

Strange Magic
Crazy dark brown ale brewed with a nice dose of flaked oats, a strong chocolate malt backbone and lots of love. We fermented this with split vanilla beans and added Intelligensia's Black Cat Espresso roast ending up with truly... Strange Magic. 6.5% ABV

Palate Hugger

A toned down version of the fucker! A pale ale that we hopped with 100% citra. Clean, crisp and semi dry finish.. very refreshing! 58 IBU 6% ABV

Pineapple Pale Ale

A nice refreshing pale ale brewed by adding pineapple juice to the end of boil and fermenting on 4 pounds of fresh pineapples! We hopped this bad boy up with simcoe and liberty hops! 30 IBU 6% ABV

Peppermint Stout
Our holiday version of the stout! A stout brewed with dark brown sug, flaked toasted oats on a huge grain bill and fermented with a nice dose of peppermint leaves! 73 IBU 9% ABV

Drunken Pumpkin

Massive in your face pumpkin ale brewed with nutmeg, all spice, cloves, honey, vanilla beans, cinnamon, brown sug and a shit ton of pumpkin! This bitch actually took 3 hours to sparge! Stay warm with this awsome fall release. 18.5 IBU 10.2% ABV

Coconut Molasses Porter
We took the second runnings from the driftwood and partigyled it! We also added blackstrap molasses and toasted coconut at whirlpool and in secondary. 45 IBU 5.3% ABV
Ginger Ale
Fuck soda we brewed this light pale with a touch of ginger root and flaked oats just because we felt like it!

Caramel Apple Ale 2

Malty and sweet ale brewed with local apple cider and fermented with fresh apples! We mashed with lots of brown sugar, this time threw in homemade caramel to the boil and added cinnamon sticks to secondary. 8% ABV

Nelson Sauvin Palate Fucker

Single hop verson of the Palate Fucker. We added six boil additions of Nelson Sauvin hops and dry hopped! The New Zealand hop adds notes of "crushed gooseberries" and white grape flavors. Big, bold ipa that will fuck your palate! 7.2% ABV

Tart Heart

Simple pale ale brewed with cascade hops, pomegranate and zest from fresh keylimes! Citrus upfront with a nice semi tart finish, easy drinker you can just chill with. 4.5% ABV


Smooth stout mashed with a shit load of gram crackers and toasted oats, we also added dark chocolate, cocoa and marshmellows! Campfire brew! (inspired by my lady) 6.5% ABV

Chocolate Trip
We brewed this russian imperial stout with Ipsento Coffee! Big, bold full bodied RIS with vanilla beans, belgian bitter chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and cocoa nibs! The sweetness of four chocolate additions and vanilla beans is finished off with a whole lot of Ipsento's Wild Fire Espresso.. a roasty espresso with notes of malt, cocoa nib  and orange citrus. Induce the chocolate trip! 10.5% ABV

Bramble Nelson Sauvin Palate Fucker

We took the Nelson Sauvin Palate Fucker and threw it on some blackberries and raspberries! Brewed just for my homies and followers, super small batch, super limited. 7.2% ABV

Cookie Brown-ster

Oatmeal cookie brown ale! Brewed with lots of toasted oats, special b (a malt imparting huge raisin flavors), brown sugar, molasses and a touch of vanilla beans. A damn good sweet desserty brown ale even the cookie monster could get down with! 7.5% ABV


C.R.E.A.M. Get tha Money!
Cream ale brewed in the style, crisp, clear, sweet and dry with a refreshing flavor profile. Hundred dolla bills yall. 4.8% ABV

Cream Your Pants
C.R.E.A.M. get the money aged on whole cherries and vanilla beans. The fruit and vanilla additions add a sorta tart, sweet flavor leaving the color a rosey pink hue. So good you will cream your pants! 4.8% ABV

Apple of my Rye
Rye IPA brewed with three rye malts, caraway and hopped with cascade, sterling, warrior and a shit load of el dorado hops! We then aged it on Lairds 7yr Apple Brandy american oak spirals! A collaboration with ProDev and Mccullough! 8.5%ABV

Rye Another Day
Rye IPA brewed with three rye malts, caraway and hopped with cascade, sterling, warrior and a shit load of el dorado hops! We then aged it on Rittenhouse Rye Whisky american oak spirals and grapefruit zest! A collaboration with ProDev and Mccullough! 8.5%ABV

Butt Nut
Smooth and creamy porter brewed with peanut butter and cocoa!

Mosaic Palate Fucker

Yup. We did. We got our hands on some HBC 369 and tossed a bunch in our Palate Fucker. This IPA is soaked in mosaic hops adding huge notes of citrus, blueberry and lime.

Double Double Rainbow
Imperial belgian saison brewed with nelson sauvin hops and finished with raspberries, pineapple, lemon zest and keylime peels.

Session Pale Ale brewed exclusively with Mosaic hops and Pilsen malt

Santa's a Fruitcake
Mild Ale brewed with brown sugar and molasses, fermented with apricots, figs, dates, currants and cinnamon sticks and aged on bourbon soaked cherry oak honeycombs.

Dorthy's Dark Knight
Black wheat with cocoa and strawberries

Session pale ale brewed with citra hops and dry hopped with huell melon hops in tribute to wayne and garth.. party on